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WIN! Drop a dress size with a HYPOXI® course worth £1000!

Celebrity favourite HYPOXI® allows you to lose inches in places you have been struggling with for years and maintain a shape to be proud of without enduring intense gym regimes. HYPOXI® is a sustainable fat-burning method that has studies to show it to be three times more effective than regular exercise for targeted fat loss. It’s fast, effective yet long lasting and there is no downtime and no surgery invo ...

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How to slim down without dieting or surgery

Can an hour with a doctor do more for your shape than months at the gym? Liposuction used to be the only option for bulges that wouldn’t budge through diet and exercise. But now there’s a range of new fat-busting treatments that promise to help you slim down, without the hassle of surgery. Better still, these non-invasive treatments require no downtime – that’s no time off work, and no swelling, bruising or ...

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