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How to get naturally clear and clean skin

Medicated spot fighting skincare needn’t be harsh on your skin. T-Zone medicated skincare is specially formulated to be tough on spots but gentle on skin... With active natural ingredients to help treat spot-prone skin to keep it healthy, clear and irritation free. Containing natural antibacterial tree tea, witch hazel, skin clearing salicylic acid, refreshing menthol and energising herbal extracts. For cle ...

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The benefits of using muslin face cloths to cleanse your skin

Skin cleansing is an essential part of personal hygiene and should never be compromised. The daily build up of environmental pollution, grime and grease, as well as makeup accumulates over the skin’s surface and can ultimately lead to clogged pores, acne, black heads, excessive dead skin cells and dull skin complexion. Regardless of your skin type, proper deep cleansing not only prompts dry skin to become h ...

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