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How to keep your eyes healthy

Check out Heidelberg's six top tips for healthy eyes... Visit your optometrist for a comprehensive eye health check Your optometrist is your primary eye care expert in the community and is specially trained to care for your eyes. It is easy to forget about your eye health when you have good vision, but you may be unaware of the onset of disease until your vision is affected as a result. One in two cases of ...

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How to choose a 4D HD Eye Examination

One hundred people a day in the UK start losing their sight and 50% of cases of sight loss can be avoided with the correct prescription, or the right treatment at the appropriate time. The majority of the population don't realise that a comprehensive eye health check isn't just about a new pair of spectacles or contact lenses. It can reveal early changes in your eyes, of which you may be unaware. Early dete ...

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How to help your dry eyes

Living with red and irritated eyes can have a serious impact on everyday life, and Dry Eye disease (DED) is a common and often overlooked cause. “Many of us experience dry eyes not realising it’s a condition that can and should be treated,” explains Amy Liddell, nutritionist at Scope Ophthalmics, the eye health experts. “Eyes can feel “gritty” and dry, but they can also become excessively watery as our eyes ...

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