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How to avoid rogue traders

With Britain in the midst of summer and the property market on a high, homeowners will be gearing up to tackle home improvements and DIY jobs. However, Kevin Byrne of national vetting service is urging homeowners to beware of rogue traders and cowboy builders, who will use any trick they can to make a quick buck! ...

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10 tips on how to survive a divorce when you have children

Divorce can be a sad and stressful time, often made far more difficult when children are involved. It is important, as a parent, to ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive a divorce when you have children: 1. First and foremost do not use your children as a weapon in the divorce. Remember that you are a parent and your duties as a parent should be you ...

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How to… know if your marriage is really over

Being in a partnership that works is a wonderful thing; effortless, trusting, kind and happy. The very thought that, for whatever reason, it might all end is stomach churning. It's easy to sit around the kitchen table with a glass of wine putting the world to rights, but how do we know when it's more than that, and what do we do? Most of us have thoughts about 'what if' on a bad day. When there are more bad ...

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The eight most common cancer risks

Dr Christian Jessen, renowned for his no-nonsense approach to health issues, tackles common cancer myths head on   You’ve heard it all before – the most sensible way to help cut your risk of the big C is by quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthily and protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. But there are some unexpected risk factors for the disease you may not know abo ...

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How to… keep your children safe online

“As a mum of two, I know the safety of your child is the biggest concern for any family,” says Lucy Woodward, Interactive Live Services Director at Disney’s Club Penguin. “As parents, we prepare our children for the outside world, ensuring they cross the road safely when walking to school looking left and right, and it’s important we extend this to preparing them for the online world too. “At Disney’s Club ...

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How you can make school days that little bit easier

A bit of forward planning can make all the difference for busy parents. Mornings, afternoons and evenings… When you have kids, they all roll into one. Fighting for the bathroom before school, getting the kids to eat breakfast, making packed lunches and thinking about what to cook for dinner when each child wants something different – being a parent is hard work! Then there are the arguments about what the c ...

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