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It’s his best friend forever. The fulfiller of his desires and the object of most of his attention (ahem), but how much does he (and you) really know about his most prized possession? ...

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How to maintain male sexual health

Sexual problems often top the list of conditions that people shy away from talking about. But this 'keep quiet, and carry on' tactic means that many are suffering in silence. Erectile dysfunction Half of men over forty have difficulty getting or keeping an erection, hindering their sexual satisfaction and ability to penetrate, but a shocking 90% of this don't seek treatment. An unhappy relationship, stress, ...

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Your questions about erectile dysfunction answered

What is impotence/erectile dysfunction (ED)? Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to get and sustain an erection in order to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. This could mean being unable to get an erection in any circumstances, or for example, only during masturbation and not with a sexual partner. It can also mean you lose an erection before or after penetration. Many men will experience occas ...

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