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WIN! 10% off Secondary Glazing with The Conservation Shutter Company

Why should living in a listed building stop you having the windows you desire? Well, thanks to an ingenious idea, it doesn't have to... Setting up home in an old listed building is fabulous, but it can show up all kinds of problems. Heat loss through draughty single-glazed windows is right up there with crumbling plaster and a leaky roof. But did you know you no longer have to compromise on heat efficiency ...

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How to classify energy efficient light bulbs

Good lighting is an amalgam of qualities consisting of uniformity values of between 0.25 and 0.40 using lamps with a rating of at least CRI 60 (Colour Rendering Index) and the better energy efficient light bulbs (lamps) will have a CRI of 80 or above. Colour Rendering is the ability of light to show the colours of objects as close to their true tint, hue and tone as possible. The index is used to represent ...

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Six simple tips to save money and energy this christmas

Christmas is a very expensive time with all the presents to buy and festive gatherings to attend so saving money on your energy bills would be a great help to take a little pressure off your bank balance. The energy saving experts at offer some simple tips to help you save money by being more energy efficient when you are rustling up the Christmas dinner. Making these small changes will ...

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‘Tis the season to be energy efficient

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Christmas tree lights are being switched on, radio stations are playing our favourite festive songs, and local supermarkets are stocking their aisles with tasty turkeys and mouthwatering mince pies. But while we fuss over our food preparations and Christmas decorations, it’s easy to forget that we are using energy. To help you save energy amid the holiday hyp ...

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