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Bank holiday fun in London for the grown ups

Sweeny Todd Multi Academy Award-winning Emma Thompson, and International star Bryn Terfel are performing in the grisly tale of Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The London Coliseum is hosting the vibrant semi-staged production for 13 exclusive dates only, so don’t miss out. Tickets £84.50, 7.30pm. Big kids bowling Faded, London’s home of hip-hop and R&B, hosts an evening of bowling, music, ...

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Avoid unhealthy choices at mealtime and fuel your kids with healthy food

The summer holidays are not always a nice relaxing break for the parents. It can be hard to keep up with kids, keep them from becoming bored during the school break. But this can mean there isn’t much time for you. After a long day of activities the last thing you’d want to do is cook dinner. The easiest and most convenient choices: takeaway or microwave meals are not always the healthiest choices. They can ...

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Make this Spring a jam-tastic one!

It’s fair to say that jam has a rich history, likely to have originated in the Middle East where cane sugar grew naturally. Records see references to jam appearing in first century Rome in the earliest known Recipe book, and later enjoyed as a delicacy by royalty. In Europe, jam-making can be traced back to the 16th century following the arrival of the Spanish in the West Indies, who had been preserving fru ...

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WIN! Four tins of Alma de Cuba coffee

At the bottom of every cup is a great story… Alma de Cuba, the word’s favourite coffee, is back and 4 tins of this delicious coffee are up for grabs. A uniquely smooth but strong, rich and nectarous coffee with a clean taste and medium body. Grown in the rich, fertile soils of the mountains overlooking the Caribbean – this is one of the best coffee-growing climates anywhere in the world. Alma de Cuba is pre ...

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What’s the best temperature for Japanese sake?

What’s the best temperature for Japanese sake? So far, industry expert Oliver Hilton-Johnson has introduced us to the main and special types of sake. In this month’s article he will address one of the most commonly asked questions, with regard to sake: what temperature should you drink it at? One of the most beguiling and engaging aspects of sake is its ability to be enjoyed over such a range of temperature ...

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