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Screening for early detection of serious conditions can allow you to take charge of your health ...

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Birth Injuries – do you have grounds to make a clinical negligence claim?

To be informed your child has sustained a permanent brain or other physical injury shortly after birth can be terrifying.  There may have been complications for which no one is to blame.  However some birth related injuries can be anticipated and with prompt and appropriate action serious injuries can sometimes, but not always, be avoided.  If a birth injury is sustained through lack of appropriate care, it ...

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Dr Christian Jessen talks being gay and the pitfalls of fame

Never someone to shy away from controversy, Dr Christian recently took part in a television documentary about ‘curing homosexuality.’ At one point he found himself sitting in an empty room, covered in his own vomit as part of an aversion therapy treatment to ‘stop’ him being homosexual. ‘It was like torture,’ he told at home. ‘It was really horrible and very emotional.’ Called Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’ ...

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