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How to choose a Funeral Plan that’s right for you

Prepay your funeral to help save money and worry Were you aware that funeral costs have been rising at a rate faster than both inflation and savings in recent years? In the last seven years alone, funeral costs have risen by almost £1,500 and if they continue to increase at the current rate of 6.33% they could reach more than £6,100 by 2023.* A Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity, the UK’s leading provider of ...

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Quality and value plaster – thinking about whole life costs

Italian or polished plaster wall finishes offer an original decorative option for your home, but how do costs compare with obvious choices such as wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, traditional paint or even tiles? Coverage rates costs will vary depending on choice of material, but for comparison, professional supply and apply of polished plaster can be as low as £65.00/m2. The price should be considered over ...

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How to deal with those child care dilemmas

It’s the biggest decision you’ll make as you head back into the workforce. With options aplenty– from minders to pre-school – here’s how to choose one that’s right for you and your youngster. For most mums, the end of maternity leave means you’re faced with ‘the great pre-school care debate’. It’s a tough decision because there is so much contradictory advice out there, and when you value your child’s devel ...

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