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How to clean your glass roof this bank holiday

Cleaning a glass roof can be quite a time-consuming task.  It’s best to break down the cleaning process into several stages which you’ll work on over a long weekend, taking plenty of breaks along the way. The key tasks that you will need to tackle are: Remove plant material and debris from the gutters and drainpipes. Sweep the roof then hose it down with a pressure washer.  Use a mild moss, algae and mould ...

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What to do if your conservatory is too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter

Traditionally conservatories were built onto larger houses and only used as a room during spring and autumn when temperatures were comfortable or they were used to grow exotic plants, in fact the definition of conservatory is “greenhouse”. Many properties are short on living space and a conservatory seems the ideal solution, with several styles to choose from it can certainly look good on most houses (an ex ...

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