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How to help bring creativity back into childhood

Help bring creativity back into childhood by voting for the creation station pitch to Richard Branson... The team at Creation Station are passionate about inspiring children's imaginations and have pitched to Richard Branson online, to help bring creativity back into childhood Please can you vote for their inspiring project by clicking the link below and help make a difference to more children and families. ...

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How to spot Meningitis or Sepsis in your baby

Both Meningitis and Sepsis in babies are rare conditions but they appear quickly, often look like minor colds or ‘bugs’ and your child’s condition can deteriorate very rapidly. Unless these conditions are spotted and treated promptly, they can be fatal within a few hours. Meningitis is an infection of the lining surrounding the brain (called the meninges). The infection can be caused by bacteria, virus or e ...

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WIN! 1 of 5 handwriting sets for your child!

The BIC® Kids Learner range has been designed with four to eight year olds in mind by a panel of experts in psychomotricity, psychology and ergonomics. It includes specific features to optimise children's learning experience and help them learn to shape letters properly. From the mechanical pencil to the ball pen, each writing instrument features a visual guiding line for correct finger positioning in addit ...

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How to help your baby sleep in the heat

Here in the UK we have an obsession with the weather and temperature control.  And with so much written on the importance of keeping babies the right temperature it’s no wonder we parents worry if our baby is too hot or too cold. Temperature regulation in babies is important as they don’t have the ability to safely control it themselves. Because of this, severe overheating in babies has been linked to Sudde ...

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“She’s not my real mum you know…”

It was said so casually – a matter-of-fact statement that temporarily stopped the room. It was just me and my youngest daughter visiting my mum; the eldest and her dad having stayed in London. This was our first visit to nanny’s without them – I’d made the most of enjoying this new, relaxed dynamic where, for a few short days, I wasn’t trying to keep both a 10 and 5 year-old happy, in this quiet, ‘tick-tock ...

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How to find a stroller that suits you

Buying a stroller is a massive decision to all parents to be. It needs to be durable, hardwearing, practical and of course, stylish. But how about a stroller that will suit your personality?  Everyone has different hobbies and tasks that they participate in – and a stroller has to be able to keep up with everything you want to do. How do you exercise with a toddler? That was the question baby jogger faced b ...

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