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Linda’s story – Enjoying life with a stoma

This month, it will be three years since Mrs Linda Humphries had her stoma. Read about her experience with Platinum Contour. “I have always been an extremely healthy and active person. I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, I gave up smoking a long time ago and I don’t drink. Then a few years ago, things started to change, and I wasn’t feeling myself. I found I was unbelievably tired, all the time. This ...

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The eight most common cancer risks

Dr Christian Jessen, renowned for his no-nonsense approach to health issues, tackles common cancer myths head on   You’ve heard it all before – the most sensible way to help cut your risk of the big C is by quitting smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthily and protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun. But there are some unexpected risk factors for the disease you may not know abo ...

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Why you should never ignore that lump

After a year from hell, Laura Owens, 33, wasn’t ready to face another big stress. Laura, a PR and marketing manager from Formby, Merseyside, waited six months before seeing her GP about a lump she found in her breast. ‘I was in the shower when I noticed a lumpy area underneath my right breast but, after a year of pure stress, I couldn’t deal with that, too,’ says Laura. ‘My ex partner, Steve, and I had rece ...

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