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Smart ways to improve your posture

Altering the way you sit, stand, and hold yourself can prevent back, neck and shoulder problems from developing. It’s time to straighten up… Most people will experience back pain at some point. Indeed, it’s reckoned it affects half the UK population and costs more than £50million every day in terms of NHS treatments, disability benefits and absence from work (sick days blamed on bad backs amount to at least ...

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WIN! A week of nutritious chef cooked meals designed to sculpt and tone your body, delivered to your home or office!

Fuel your body to perfection with Fresh Fitness Food... Customise your nutrition to achieve your health and fitness goals and enhance your wellbeing with Fresh Fitness Food, an industry leading meal delivery service. Whether you are looking to lower your body fat percentage, tone and boost performance, or give your diet a healthy overhaul, the expert team at Fresh Fitness Food will deliver nutritious meal p ...

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Banish your body insecurities for a bright new you

From yellow teeth to varicose veins to odorous armpits - everyone has their fair share of body hang-ups that they desperately wish to be clear of. To help tackle these issues, some of the UK’s leading health experts have come together to provide a list of top tips on how to treat these common body insecurities to get your body back on form for February. EXCESSIVE SWEATING Unless you’re taking part in the Lo ...

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Your body: brilliant yet bizarre

What an incredible machine your body is. While you're probably aware of your main organs, and the important roles they play in  keeping you alive and healthy, many of your lesser-known bits and bobs may be a bit of a mystery. Some of them have funny names but serious jobs – others don’t do much at all. We uncover some marvellous and mysterious body parts to delight,inform and entertain...or at least help yo ...

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Back pain: causes and prevention

When it comes to reasons for visiting the doctor, back pain narrowly misses out on the top spot; just beaten by the common cold.  It is estimated that four out of every five adults (a whopping 80%) will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It is a problem that is affecting industry, with studies suggesting absenteeism through back pain is costing UK companies £673 per employee per year. So wha ...

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