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Three ways you may be a mortgage prisoner locked into your home

As mortgage lending rules tightened and new restrictions were imposed, more and more UK homeowners found themselves effectively trapped with their current mortgage lender and as a result, were forced to stay in their homes. A combination of falling house prices, high LTV’s, the elimination of self-certification and the restrictions on interest-only have meant that many borrowers have found themselves unable ...

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Keep your home warm and your heating bills low

We’re going to have to accept that Winter is still upon us. With snowfall predicted to be on its way, this means that your home’s heating system is going to have to be working extra hard as the temperatures fall. Over the past few years, the UK has been experiencing increasingly cold winters, and with the steadily rising costs of oil and gas, we’ve seen our heating bills getting larger year on year. The cos ...

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Top 10 energy saving tips!

Winter's here and your energy bills might be rising. Here are some fantastic energy saving tips, especially in the run up to Christmas: Do a free home energy check. The Energy Saving Trust has a very good website where you can see how efficient your home is and ways in which you can save money. In some circumstances, you could save up to £325 a year by taking their advice! Insulate your home. Energy compani ...

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