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How to beat your battle with back pain

Nearly everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives and whether it has been triggered by awkward movement, or come on unexpectedly, it can prove a real disruption to everyday life. Causes It is well known that back pain can be caused by a variety of day to day tasks such as moving awkwardly, slouching and over stretching. Back pain can sometimes develop suddenly and for no apparent reason. Ma ...

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Back pain: causes and prevention

When it comes to reasons for visiting the doctor, back pain narrowly misses out on the top spot; just beaten by the common cold.  It is estimated that four out of every five adults (a whopping 80%) will experience back pain at some point in their lives. It is a problem that is affecting industry, with studies suggesting absenteeism through back pain is costing UK companies £673 per employee per year. So wha ...

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