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Where the Reef meets the Rainforest

For lovers of nature, there can be few sights more spectacular than the underwater gardens of a coral reef, or experiences more amazing than seeing Nemo peeping out from behind a clump of sea anemone; few places are more magical than a mysterious tropical rainforest. In tropical north Queensland it’s possible to enjoy both in the same day, though a few days are better to really do it justice. They say you c ...

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The cost of living in London is now higher than Australia

Are you thinking of selling up and moving on? Whilst you consider this, you might want to take these stats into account as you make a decision. As it turns out, it might just be cheaper to move half way across the world! The New interactive Cost of Living Index from Budget Direct has revealed that the cost of living in London is higher than in major US and Australian cities. Research was carried out on the ...

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