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How to treat Athlete’s Foot with the help of Clever Cultures

What is Athlete's Foot? An itchy red rash which develops in the spaces between your toes. The affected skin may also be scaly, flaky and dry. The medical name for athlete's foot is tinea pedis. Harmless bacteria and fungi live naturally on the skin, but if these organisms multiply, skin can become infected. Dermatophytes are the family of fungus responsible for Athlete's Foot, living in and feeding off dead ...

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WIN! A 12 month supply of Clever Cultures for Athlete’s Foot!

  Clever Cultures for Athlete’s Foot™ is a therapeutic formula of seven strains of friendly bacteria, formulated to positively affect an imbalance or disruption to the healthy bacteria in the gut. A balance of healthy and bad bacteria is required by the gut in order to function and reproduce. A healthy gut and digestive tract are essential for proper digestion, strong immune function and overall health ...

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