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Spread the love this Valentine’s Day and give a child a home

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day and give a child a home

With February comes Valentine’s Day, and many of you will be making plans to spend plenty of time with loved ones.  This year, why not share the love and give a child a home . 

You might be thinking about going away with your partner or maybe even planning a romantic candlelight dinner. If you’re single, you might be having a fun evening with your friends instead. Love may also mean spending more quality time with your family; playing games, watching films. Love can mean different things for different people – support, patience, kindness, compassion – and for these reasons, love is wanted by many children looking for a ‘forever family’.

Many children are looking forward to having a loving family. They want a family who can keep them safe, who’ll be there for them and give them the best start in life. They need a family who can nurture them and be patient with their needs. Some children have been waiting months for this and adoption can give children want they want and need a ’family that lasts’. Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re happily single, adoption can be a way for you to grow your family and for you to share your love.

Prospective adopters are needed from all around the country and a broad range of people can adopt. You can be married or single, gay or straight and from any ethnic background. You may even have children of your own. Get in contact with your local authority or voluntary adoption agency to find out more about the adoption process. As long as you’re over 21, you could provide a permanent home for the many children waiting for adoption.

If you have love to give this February, why not adopt and change the life of a child?


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Families that Last is the family finding service of After Adoption. They strive to find families for the many children waiting in the care system and offer lifelong support to adopters throughout their adoption journey.

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