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Smokeless Charlie: When the Smoke Clears

A big hello to our brand new columnist Charlie, who will be blogging all about his smoke-free efforts as he tries to ditch the cigarettes after lighting up for 25 years…

Picture yourself, if you will, in a new home, recently married and a gorgeous baby daughter born to you by a beautiful wife.

Fast forward ten years and you now have a very handsome four-year-old addition to the family, which completes your life.

However, one nagging thought at the back of your head is the fact that you promised your little ones that you would quit smoking some time ago. Add to that now that your ten year old has learnt at school, all about heart disease strokes and cancer and all the other horrible illnesses smoking can bring. She reminds you of your various promises and one day looks upset. You ask what the problem is and she looks up at you with those big brown, tear filled eyes and whispers, "I don’t want you to die".

You shed some tears; I defy any decent parent not to, then you make a solemn promise: "This is my last packet of tobacco". And so begins the diaries of Smokeless Charlie!

The diaries will be posted to give other quitters support and information regarding problems and issues encountered by Charlie on the long road to life without nicotine.

Share your urges for a ciggie and what you do to ignore the craving. For all those out there that want to break free, lets do it together and support each other as much as possible. Let’s start now by saying: I DON’T SMOKE.

About the author
Smokeless Charlie is a family man first and an absolute football nut. Whilst he loves his poker he has decided smoking now is too much of a gamble. He has been smoking for over a quarter of a century and has now seen the light. Founder of Babygrowers Discount Card, a service to help families with young children or babies access online discounts all year round.

Image: Gareth Fuller/PA

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