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Red meat linked to bowel cancer

redmeatbowelcancerThose sausages and rashers of bacon in your full English breakfast could be increasing your risk of developing bowel cancer, a study has found.

New research has discovered that eating just a pound (500 grams) of red meat a week raises the chances of bowel cancer by up to a third and experts are now recommending that we consume no more than one steak, two slices of roast lamb, one pork chop and a single portion of mince in any one week.

The World Cancer Research Fund has analysed data from previous studies on the relationship between diet and bowel cancer and have found further evidence to suggest that eating too much red and processed meat could lead to bowel cancer.

Professor Alan Jackson, who helped produce the report, said: “Our review has found strong evidence that many cases of bowel cancer are not inevitable and that people cans significantly reduce their risk by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

“Because our judgements are based on more evidence than ever before, it means the public can be confident that this represents the best advice available on preventing bowel cancer.”

Experts say that the best way to reduce the risk of bowel cancer is to take regular exercise, avoid drinking to excess and eat a high fibre foods, such as cereal, wholemeal bread and kidney beans.

Image: Hendrik Schmidt/DPA/Press Association Images

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