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Mole removal: what are the options?

Mole removal: what are the options?

Do you have unwanted moles or skin lesions you’ve always wanted removed, but worry about the surgery leaving a scar?

Would you be interested in a revolutionary new way of removing unsightly moles, warts and other skin lesions? Happily, there’s now such a thing.



Radiosurgery utilises ultra high frequency radio waves, or ‘RF’, which literally vaporize the cells of the mole or skin lesion, but leaves the healthy skin cells below with little or no tissue damage to allow a very quick healing process, and minimal risk of any scarring – unlike conventional methods of mole removal, such as surgical excision, which often require stitches.

The treatment is done following the administration of a small dose of local anaesthetic and is pain free. Patients usually return to normal activities immediately following treatment.


Minimal downtime

In the week following treatment, a small scab will form at the site of excision, which quickly progresses to healthy pink/red new skin. Within a number of months, this new skin quickly takes on the natural pigmentation of the surrounding skin, making it often virtually impossible to see where the mole or skin lesion was before treatment.

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About the author

Dr Ian Strawford is an experienced GP and cosmetic doctor, a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and The Association of

Surgeons in Primary Care. He is one of the few doctors in the UK who regularly uses radiosurgery for skin and mole surgery. Call Medikas to arrange a free initial consultation with Dr Strawford, who will advise on whether this treatment is suitable for you. Prices start from £250 for mole removal, and £100 for skin tag and wart removal.

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