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Lily Allen: ‘I worry about my unborn baby’

LILYALLENPREGNANCYSinger-turned-fashion designer Lily Allen has opened up about her pregnancy fears after suffering two miscarriages.

Lily Allen, 26, who was left heartbroken when she lost her unborn son with husband Sam Cooper six months into the pregnancy in October, two years after losing a baby with former boyfriend Ed Simmons, has admitted she is still haunted by the miscarriages and worries for her unborn baby.

The star, who is six months pregnant, told the London Evening Standard: “I was terrified the other night in bed. I wake up a lot at the moment and at one point I touched Sam’s face and it was freezing cold. I was screaming. ‘Sam! Sam! Oh my god, my husband’s dead! I’ve sorted everything out and now it’s all over!’ He woke up and said, ‘All the windows are open’.”

This time Lily says she is taking no chances. She said: “After my last baby, I’m being really closely monitored so I come to London every Thursday for a scan. The doctor keeps telling me to take it easy.”

Lily added: “Instinctively I always want to be involved in everything.

“But with this pregnancy, especially with what happened last time, I’m getting to the point where I think, f*** everything. It’s the one time in my life I’m allowed to do nothing.”

But when asked whether she knows the sex of the baby, Lily is keeping her lips sealed.

“It’s between me and the husband,” she explained. “I haven’t even told my mum.”

 Image: John Phillips/EMPICS Entertainment

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