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Travelling around the world? How to pack light.

she didnt_pack_light_02_07_12Packing light is an essential key to travelling around the world in comfort. Whittling down your wardrobe, and what you consider to be essential luggage items in order to lighten your can be a tough exercise, but not impossible.

The first step and indeed the key, to packing light for world travel, is choosing the right luggage. Try to stick to one major piece of luggage, preferably in the form of a backpack, and an additional day bag (or purse) for day-to-day activities. This will save time and effort getting organised every time you reach a destination.

Essential luggage items should include a minimal set of clothes. Try choosing a selection of clothing that mixes and matches well together so that they can be worn in different combinations throughout the week. If travelling to colder locations, use the space saving technique of wearing a coat or jacket whilst in transit rather than trying to fit it into your luggage. Aside from clothes, remember to pack only the minimum of toiletries, as most items such as shampoo, toothpaste and moisturiser can be purchased easily regardless of your destination.

As a society we’ve grown increasingly reliant on technology and travelling without it can be difficult. However, packing a laptop, mobile phone and camera is too cumbersome, and is hard to look after during world travels. Instead, try just managing with a wi-fi enabled smartphone as a space saving technique. Most come with high quality cameras and can access the internet reliably and at decent speeds. Smartphones can also store key itinerary data, language dictionaries and even hold digital books for long flights or train rides, and don’ forget those truly helpful travel Apps.

Time saving is essential when it comes to travel and no one wants to waste too much time packing and unpacking at every destination. One of the best time saving tips is to organise luggage into different compartments. Organising clothes, electronics and toiletries in separate compartments makes finding items easier and packing simpler.

Packing light may seem like a daunting affair and it’s initially hard for everyone to part with all their creature comforts. However, the amount of hassle and effort that light packing saves will be well worth your while. You can count on spending less time fretting over misplaced items, exerting less energy dragging luggage across airports and train stations, and spending more time enjoying fabulous destinations around the world.

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