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Mum on the Run: Bring it back to basics

carforgeorgecolNEWFind out how Mum on the Run is coping juggling two children under five and working as deputy editor of at home, which to be honest, is a welcome break in her hectic week. This time, her car breaks down. Not the best start to a new year!

My start to the new year has not been fun. It was the car, which in fairness was probably our fault. We planned a trip to Cornwall over the new year to stay with friends but as we reversed out of the drive, having packed enough stuff for at least 25 people, there was a horrible rattling sound.

‘That doesn’t sound good,’ said my husband. ‘Oh, it’ll be fine,’ I said breezily and turned up the radio a little bit higher. Six hours of driving later, the rattle was spectacularly loud (enough to make people turn and stare) but it didn’t stop us going to Bristol on the way home and then wending our way back to the south east up several motorways.

According to our mechanic ‘we were extremely lucky’. We’d driven with a splitting cam belt (might mean something to some of you, meant nothing to me) and it had very nearly split in half, which would have disintegrated the engine. ‘Could we have died?’ I asked, rather dramatically. ‘No, but there may have been flames and the car would have been written off probably,’ he replied cheerfully. I breathed a sigh of relief and made a mental note to self. Don’t ignore rattles on the car. Ever again!

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Picture credit: So Sylvie

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