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Forget Spain, space is the new holiday destination!

astroboy flying_into_space_03_08_12Space travel is often viewed as a mere fantasy with its roots far in the future. But Virgin is in the process of developing the world’s first commercial ‘spaceline’ and is well on the way to accomplishing the impossible.

Virgin Galactic is the name of this innovation, which will generate a whopping $600 million, says a study commissioned by the US. A number of test flights have already been carried out by the company’s SpaceShip Two, the vessel set to take 529 passengers into space on the first commercial space ‘holiday’ known to humankind. This number is larger than the total number of people who have been to space, so far, in history.

On 19th March this year, Virgin Galactic announced that they have secured their 500th passenger/astronaut, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher (known for films such as The Butterfly Effect and Dude, Where’s My Car?), who received a congratulatory phone call from Richard Branson himself. Kutcher is thrilled to be joining a ‘fast expanding group of true pioneers’, says Branson. Kutcher will join the elite in 2014, when the company plans to begin its commercial services.

If you would like to join the world’s most exclusive club and book yourself a place in space, it will cost you a mere $200,000 (around £128,720) pocket change to buy you four to five minutes in zero gravity.

Words: Rosie Solomon

Picture credit: Shutterstock

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