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Your Guide To Purchasing A Used Or Second Hand Car

car buying_key_handover_04_07_12Although buying a used or second hand car is one of the best ways of owning a car without shelling out a small fortune, there is no denying the fact that purchasing used car is a risky process. However, with the right judgment, right choice of seller and right technique, one can eliminate risk from this process and make it a profitable one.

As far as the top ways of purchasing a used car is concerned, the options are:

  • Purchasing it from a brick-and-mortar dealership.
  • Purchasing it from a private seller in online websites like Craigslist, eBay, etc.
  • Purchasing it from people whom you know personally in real life, like your friends, acquaintances, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

It is imperative that you keep in mind certain things when you are out there looking for a second hand car. Irrespective of whether you choose to purchase it from a private seller or a dealership you need to get your money in order and draw a rough budget. Having a budget will enable you to narrow down your choices, thus making the process of buying a used car less confusing or intimidating. Now, you also need to do your homework beforehand and research about the ‘going rate’ of the used cars that you are interested in buying. Parkers can help

Apart from this, there are some things to look over and check before purchasing a second hand car. These are:

  • Sales made by private sellers are more risky because one cannot take appropriate legal action in case of bad or dishonest dealings.
  • A car that has rusted or corroded portions is a huge no-no
  • Check the car’s steering, it should be responsive.
  • Always make sure that the seller actually owns the car and that it is not a stolen one. You can use an app like Apple iCarCheck for this purpose. You just need to have the registration number for this purpose.
  • Examine the MOT and Road Tax disc, it should still be valid and the registration number on the vehicle should tally with the one on the Registration document.
  • Check the car’s fuel consumption, repair bills and servicing so as to verify whether you can afford to use the car or not!

So is the second hand market still as strong as it was a few years ago? Yes, because in trying times like these, not everybody can afford to get a new car, therefore a used car would always be a more practical and attractive option for them.

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