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Worst things to write in a dating profile

worst-things-to-write-in-a-dating-profileWith the increasing popularity of online dating sites, the importance of having a well-written personal profile has never been more relevant. A good profile is like a CV to a potential partner and should highlight your best characteristics and qualities. A poorly written or badly thought out profile will alienate people and cast you in a bad light. Here are some common mistakes to avoid at all costs:


It may be tempting to write an impressive list of skills, qualifications and interests, but if you write a dishonest profile, any fledgling relationship will have a poor foundation. At some point, the potential partner will find out the truth and a web of deceit becomes easily tangled.

Sexual Comments:

It is never a good idea to post overly suggestive or sexual comments on a dating profile. It is also a good idea to avoid mentioning parts of your anatomy as this will send out the wrong message to potential partners and is unlikely to attract anyone sincere or serious. It is also a good idea to avoid a suggestive or sexual username.

Sounding Desperate:

It is also not a good idea to sound too desperate on your profile. Saying you will date anyone from 18-60, or writing with a begging or pleading style is sure to send a warning signal out to anyone reading it. It is also a bad idea to make statements about long-term commitment, such as getting married or staying together forever as this can put people off.

Quirky Comments:

Some members of online dating sites may try to grab readers’ attention by inserting a quirky or jokey headline. This may give the impression that they are trying too hard and are trying to conceal their true personality behind a brash, loud exterior. Most people tend to avoid members with this type of profile.


A photo is an important part of your profile. If you don’t include one, people will think you have something to hide. Choose a natural shot and avoid wearing revealing or provocative clothing if you want to make the right impression.

By giving some careful thought to how you write your dating profile, you can create a piece that reflects your true personality and brings out all of your best qualities, making it likely that you will attract the right person.

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