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Why men lie more than women

fingers crossed_behind_back_22_06_12Whilst us females may always have had an inkling that the less-fair sex are guilty of telling porkies a little too often, there’s not been any conclusive evidence to prove so, until now that is…

New research pinpoints that men are more likely to veer towards immorality when in a competitive scenario which could potentially diminish their male pride. In a series of recent studies, a direct correlation has been drawn between male depravity and situations in which men feel the need to keep their masculinity intact.

The studies in question were carried out by Laura Kray of University of California, Berkeley and Michael Haselhuhn of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and put forward a number of experiments to both men and women. One such experiment, related to an ethical scenario – where an elderly couple were selling their family home – which demonstrated that men thought it more acceptable to deceive the couple when they were thinking of successful negotiations as a male-oriented trait; choosing dishonesty over emasculination.

Cindi May, Professor of Psychology at the College of Charleston, commented on the studies: ‘Apparently manhood is relatively fragile and precarious, and when it is challenged, men tend to become more aggressive and defensive’. However, she did err on the side of caution, suggesting that women may perpetuate similar behaviour if their integrity as a female was challenged.

Still, perhaps the studies – although socio-cultural context specific – do indicate something quite revealing of the male psyche; May adding: ‘these findings suggest that if ethical standards are a significant factor in your choice of financial advisors or real estate agents, it may be safer to go with Bernadette than with Bernie.’

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