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Update a room the simple way – with new blinds

Update-a-room-the-simple-wayThe way light enters a room can have a dramatic effect on the way it looks and feels, and whether you’re going for light and airy, snug and cosy or stylish and sophisticated, don’t underestimate the role of window dressings in the overall scheme. The blinds you choose should complement and enhance the theme of the room, and fortunately retailers like Direct Blinds has a wide range to suit almost any theme you choose.

Going for a modern, minimalistic approach? If your room is all clean lines, sparse furnishings and neutral shades, add a touch of Mother Nature’s simplicity with wooden blinds. The use of natural materials helps to soften this sometimes austere approach to décor, and there are many different woods you can use to achieve different effects. Wooden blinds also allow light to filter through in an attractive way when the sun is shining, while still keeping the room cool and shady.

For an open, spacious feel in your room, vertical or Venetian blinds are a popular choice. The slatted design allows you to control the amount of light coming into the room, and the slats themselves can be chunky or narrow to fit in with the rest of your furniture. They come in a variety of materials, with metal usually looking best in an office or kitchen, while soft textiles go well in a lounge or bedroom.

Roman blinds are a good choice for a classic and homely feel, especially in the living room, although they also go well in bathrooms. These form attractive pleats, giving a ripple effect when they are raised and hanging flat when lowered. Again, this design comes in a range of materials to complement whatever else you have going on in the room – including wood, cotton and canvas.

If your home is your castle, you may want to choose blackout roller blinds. These are made from densely woven fabrics that completely shut out the light – just the thing for privacy, or for shift workers decorating a bedroom they sleep in during the day. Remember that whatever the design or material, blinds can help you achieve a particular effect by filtering and directing light – use this as inspiration for your décor ideas!

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