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Turn old mobiles into cash: but what then happens to the phones?

pile of_mobile_phones_06_07_12Do you have an unused mobile phone? Maybe you found several dust-covered devices in your cupboard? Well, now services like Mazuma Mobile and Envirophone mean you can turn old mobiles into cash!

If you wish to utilise their services and earn some extra money by trading in your old handset then rest assured, the process is very easy and hassle free. The first step is to search the site, find the mobile phone you wish to recycle and see how much it’s worth. Simply type in the phone make, model or IMEI number and the site will return a price you will receive should you decide to trade in your phone.
Secondly, once you have accepted the price you then need to post your phone. The company will provide you with a freepost padded envelope so just simply pop it in the post, sit back and wait for the third and final step, the payment.

There are various payment options available to customers; whether you prefer payment by cheque, bank transfer, paypal or even an Argos voucher it is entirely your choice. Mazuma mobile say, “If all is correct, we make payment on the same day of receipt. You smile, we smile.”

Now, clearly the said companies do not literally turn old mobiles into cash, they must do something with your old phone and contrary to popular belief they do not just end up in a land fill. Companies such as Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone are ‘Phone Recyclers’ and that’s exactly what they do! Many people want to make a difference to the environment and recycling your phone is not a bad start. A phone that you may perceive as junk or simply not capable of fulfilling your functionality requirements may be invaluable to someone else. At Mazuma Mobile many of the old phones they recycle will end up in places like “China, Africa, Pakistan and India”. In such places it can be difficult to access a landline phone system so a simple mobile phone can be priceless for communication across the world.

If a direct re-use isn’t possible then the said organisations may just take certain parts of your phone, which will help contribute to the production of a new mobile phone. The crucial point is that your phone will not go to waste and it certainly will not find it’s way to a landfill.

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