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The Queen of Easy Green™: Spring into cleaning the easy green way!

lemons-and-bananaAt last, after what seems like endless months of cold, rainy days, how fabulous it is that spring has finally sprung!

With the sun shining and dare I say it, blue skies above us, spring gives many of us a new found zest to clear away the cobwebs and kick off spring cleaning our homes.

Obviously there are a multitude of commercial cleaning products readily available in our supermarkets and I’m sure many of you already have a pretty impressive collection in your own cupboards – but this year, I’d like to challenge you to go all natural with me.

Inspired by Channel 4’s television show SuperScrimpers – Waste Not, Want Not (Wednesday, 8.30pm) and being the Queen of Easy Green™ myself, I want to show you how leftover fruit and veg can transform your home into a super clean palace, whilst saving you time, money and waste.

Here are my top three fruity frugal cleaning tips…

Get buffing with your banana
Bananas are not just a super healthy source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C, they are also fabulous for adding a beautiful shine to your household plants and keeping them healthier too.

After eating a banana, before you put the leftover peel in your compost bin, try this handy tip.

To give your household plants a spring clean, take them outside and using the inside of the peel, gently rub the leaves of your smooth-surfaced household plants. Not only does the banana skin polish off the dust – which reduces the amount of light available to a plant – it gives the leaves a super-glossy finish too.

For shiny sinks, cue – cumbers!
Where do I begin with the cucumber? Quite simply the cucumber is a super-food in my opinion, fabulously healthy and refreshing it is a wonderful food/ingredient, it is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C and folic acid, plus it is an essential addition to your beauty regime – more on that soon!

But did you know that cucumber is great for cleaning the home? If you want sparkling taps in your kitchen, reach for the cucumber. Just take a slice of cucumber and rub around your taps, it is great for cleaning stainless steel plus there are absolutely no chemical nasties to harm your skin – in fact, the peel is good for your hands, especially after they been in a strong detergent or in hot water.

Love your lemons
Finally, my favourite, the not-so-humble lemon. We all know lemons are great in desserts, in savoury dishes and of course, in drinks – but did you know just how great they are for adding a little zing into your spring cleaning? As lemons are acidic, they act as a natural bleaching agent, plus have some antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are perfect when cleaning.

Here are two fab little tips for using a leftover lemon. To clean and de-pong your microwave, take on half of a lemon and pop it in a three-quarters-full bowl of cold water. Cook on the high setting for three minutes and voila. The citrus smell will banish those cooking odours, whilst the steam will loosen the dirt, just wipe out with a damp cloth.

To remove stubborn rust, simply use the second lemon half, dip in a little salt and scrub. The lemon/salt combo makes a brilliantly effective scourer, plus when you’ve finished with it, placing it in your bin will help eliminate any nasty niffs.

What are your favourite fruity cleaning tips, or have you got any easy green cleaning advice your parents or grandparents have passed down to you? The more unusual the better! I’d love to hear them, just pop me a comment below. Oh and keep your eyes peeled on SuperScrimpers

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Lyndsey Young, The Queen of Easy Green™, is a busy working mum and inventor. Her passion is eco easy design, inventions, innovative products and ideas that can help save time, money and waste in the home. Every fortnight, Lyndsey will be sharing her fun, practical easy-green tips and advice, as well as reviewing her latest green-living product finds. Eco-curious? To find out more, pop over to her website at, follow her on Twitter @mummypreneur, become a fan of Queen of Easy Green on Facebook or visit

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