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The Queen of Easy Green™: How to throw an easy green and stress-free kids party

KIDSPARTIESIf you have children, you will know that the days of simple parties consisting of a game of ‘pass the parcel’ followed by jam sandwiches are sadly becoming a thing of the past. These days children and their friends have higher expectations for birthday celebrations, leaving many parents totally stressed about the whole event and out of pocket.

In fact, a recent study found that only 5% of parents don’t find organising a child’s birthday party stressful, plus a whopping 85% of people think that parents spend too much money on children parties (Spur Steak & Grill, 2011). And the environmental aspect – children’s parties can be incredibly wasteful too, paper plates, napkins, uneaten food, plastic packaging, most of which ends up in the bin – what a waste?

Well, as the Queen of Easy Green™, I’ve got some super simple, savvy tips to help you host a fun, inexpensive and eco-friendly children’s party – without the stress. Here’s how…

Rather than pay huge amounts to hire an ‘activity centre’ or hall, why not get the kids outside. The great thing about being outside is that there is plenty of room to play games and run around, children get lots of exercise and fresh air plus it’s free! Whether you live in the countryside or the city, there are plenty of green areas to choose from. Just make sure it’s a safe location and appropriate for what you want to do, then just put on the invite the party location, so the parents can drop off/pick up their children at the correct times. If you are a National Trust member (and so are your guests) these are excellent venues too.

Despite what you may think, most children love simple games. Rounders, running races, tag. In fact the best party we organised for one of our children was a treasure hunt around our village. This is how we did it…

  1. Picked an easy, safe route to walk around
  2. Made some swing tags from paper and string, then wrote numbers on each tag (the same number of party guests)
  3. Walked round the route the morning of the party, to tie the tags in various locations
  4. Wrote down clues to the locations
  5. Wrapped small presents in old magazines and placed these in the treasure box (also known as the car boot!)

We arranged to meet the children and their parents on our village green (this was the start/end point), then set off to find the treasure, taking turns to find the clues, each received their prize at the end.

This party was great success because the children got lots of exercise, they worked together to find the clues and then afterwards we all had a simple picnic on the Green. The whole afternoon was fun, stress-free, environmentally-friendly and only cost us £30 (12 children in total).

Keep it simple – many children are usually too excited to eat at parties, they just want to play with their friends. So to lower the stress and reduce waste, keep the selection of food to a minimum and pre-prepare. You could batch bake some sausage rolls and jam tarts – both will freeze and be defrosted a few hours in advance. Another easy green tip, rather than preparing lots of fresh fruit, why not make fruit smoothies out of frozen fruit – children adore these, they are so easy to make plus you will reduce any unnecessary waste.

If you are lucky enough to have fresh fruit in the garden, why not make picking the fruit and eating it part of the party – children will love this.

Whatever you do, just keep it simple. Let’s not forget that parties are about having fun, not just for the children but you too. So by keeping it easy, eco-friendly and inexpensive we can all enjoy ourselves.

What simple, savvy easy green ideas have you got for children’s parties, have your children been to a simply fantastic party that you’d like to share, please drop me a line, I’d love to hear them.

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