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The Queen of Easy Green™: How to put the freeze on rising grocery bills

frozenfoodgreenWith more and more pressure being put on our household budgets, looking for ways to spend less and get more for our money has never been more vital especially when it comes to feeding our families.

But just because our money has to stretch even further, this doesn’t mean we have to cut back on all of life’s pleasures, nor indeed comprise on quality.

One simple way to live well, whilst saving time, money and waste is to favour frozen.

As the Queen of Easy Green™ and a New Ice Age ambassador (consumer facing website for the British Frozen Food Federation) I favour frozen food for many reasons. It is convenient, full of taste, value for money and by using frozen, I can reduce unnecessary food waste. Did you know that 8.3 million tonnes of food are thrown away each year – despite food prices continuing to rise? (WRAP).

Favouring frozen also means as a busy mum, I always have nutritious, easy to prepare and healthy food ready at hand for family dinners – and as equally important to me, choosing frozen helps reduce my grocery bills and carbon footprint simultaneously.

To help dispel the myths about frozen food and to explain why I believe more of us can benefit from favouring frozen, here are just a few reasons:


  • Frozen foods are flash-frozen within hours of harvest retaining that ‘just-picked’ taste – peas, broccoli.
  • Fish is often frozen on board the boat within four hours of catch (unlike ‘fresh’ fish which can take up to two weeks to reach our supermarket stores).


  • Buying frozen is less expensive than buying fresh on a daily basis. It also means you can keep stocked up without breaking the budget.


  • Freezing is a natural way of preserving food and needs no added chemicals. Nutrients, vitamins and goodness is ‘locked in’ – unlike fresh which deteriorates quickly after harvest.


  • With frozen food you only need to cook what you need – no obligation to use up fresh foods before their use-by date.
  • Using frozen food enables easier portion control – no wastage on plates.
  • Frozen food doesn’t spoil as quickly as fresh, more flexibility with use.

Less trips to the shops

  • By buying frozen food with its longer shelf life you can make fewer trips to the shops by car. Doing so reduces your individual carbon footprint. And, due to its longer shelf life, frozen food can result in less wastage in the delivery and storage chain.

If you are not yet convinced, take a look at some of these wonderful dishes charismatic celebrity chef and New Ice Age supporter Aldo Zilli rustled up for us at a recent lunch. Can you guess which ingredients are frozen?

Tuna carpaccio with rocket and parmesan salad


Stuffed chicken breast served with mash, smoked bacon and red wine Sauce (The Sauce Kitchen)

Salmon with oriental vegetables

As the Aldo himself says: “Cooking with frozen doesn’t mean lowering ones standards on freshness or nutritional value. On the contrary, frozen can often be fresher, especially when dealing with seafood and fish. The British consumer is very financially mindful and environmentally conscious – frozen food allows consumers certain luxuries without compromising on taste, lowering wastage and ensuring great value for money”.

Are you a frozen food lover, or is your freezer just for icecubes and an occasional slab of icecream? Have you recently favoured frozen over fresh, have you noticed any benefits? I’d also love to hear what your frozen favourites are, especially if they save you time, money and waste. Finally, if you would like more information and entertaining facts on frozen, visit the New Ice Age website at Until next time, don’t just chill – freeze!

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About the author
Lyndsey Young, The Queen of Easy Green™, is a busy working mum and inventor. Her passion is eco easy design, inventions, innovative products and ideas that can help save time, money and waste in the home. Every fortnight, Lyndsey will be sharing her fun, practical easy-green tips and advice, as well as reviewing her latest green-living product finds. Eco-curious? To find out more, pop over to her website at, follow her on Twitter @mummypreneur, become a fan of Queen of Easy Green on Facebook or visit

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