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The Queen of Easy Green™: Cut energy bills and save money this autumn

autumnleavesAutumn, the time of year when our days grow shorter, the air gets crisper and reddish, golden leaves fall at our feet.

The time of year that many of us begin to see our energy consumption rise – hot meals replace cold salads of summer, our homes begin to get lit earlier with every evening, and dare I say it, some of us are already beginning to reach for our boiler’s ‘on’ switch.

Of course we can’t halt our seasonal changes, however what we can do, with a few simple tips, is to keep our energy consumption down and save some money at the same time.

Here are three autumn ‘leaves’ which will help you do just that…

  1. If you are a car driver, why not try to leave your car at home one day a week. With 70% of all car trips being less than five miles, if we all left our cars at home on a more regular basis, not only could we all save money, congestion on our roads would also be significantly reduced.

    Car sharing with a friend or neighbour is a great way to keep costs down, it is more efficient and is a simple way to reduce pollution in our towns and cities too.

    Alternatively, why not opt for public transport, or an even healthier option is to make short journeys on a bicycle or on foot – not only will you save money, you’ll get fit into the bargain.

  2. Make sure your turn the lights off when you leave a room. According to the Energy Saving Trust, in the UK alone we waste an incredible £170 million a year by leaving lights on unnecessarily.

    Even if you are just popping out of the room for 10 minutes, remember to switch the light off. Contrary to popular belief, switching energy saving lightbulbs on and off does not harm the electricity supply PLUS it does not use more energy than leaving them running.

    Also, according to the Energy Saving Trust, if everyone in the UK replaced one light bulb with an energy efficient one, ‘the money saved could pay about 75,000 family fuel bills a year.’

  3. Do not leave your mobile phone, MP3 or laptop charger plugged in when not in use. When you have finished charging your appliance, do not forget to unplug it.

    Did you know that unplugged chargers waste over £60m and are responsible for a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year?

    Another tip to save wasting energy and money, is to avoid leaving your mobile charging overnight.

    According to ‘We Are What We Do’ most mobiles can be fully charged in about 2 hours, yet in Britain we waste £47 million a year charging them all night.

So why not give these autumn ‘leaves’ a go and see if you can slow the growth of your energy bills a little and plant a few more pounds in your purse. What energy saving tips do you turn to in these shorter days, have you got a favourite money-saving idea which can help reduce your energy bills? Drop me a comment below! Until next time…

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