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The Queen of Easy Green™: Celebrate the gift of life with an easy green living gift

easyecogiftWith fashion-addict Victoria Beckham finally giving birth to the daughter she’d always wanted, I for one, am not surprised to hear that she has already tasked Christian Louboutin with creating some bespoke-designer baby pumps for Harper Seven.

Fortunately, amongst the rich and famous, there are more down-to-earth new parents out there, for example actress Kate Hudson and Muse frontman, Matt Bellamy who, rather than going with a traditional baby shower, have requested that friends and family mark the arrival of their son the green way, by planting celebration trees.

Like Kate and Matt, I think planting a celebration tree for the arrival of a new child is a wonderful idea for many reasons. Firstly, unlike many ‘baby shower’ gifts that either get stored away or used for only a few months, a tree will last a lifetime and beyond.

Secondly, a tree gives, rather than takes away – there is no packaging, waste, nor does it go out of fashion. When baby has outgrown it’s baby shower gifts, or the contents have been used up – all of these will have to be disposed of in someway, obviously the green way to do this would be to either recycle or donate – but with a tree, it will still be there, growing and blossoming in time with your little one’s development.

Another wonderful thing about gifting a celebration tree is that there is a wide variety to choose from and you can even select a tree which has a significant meaning. For example, the Rowan tree is known by the Celts as the ‘Tree of Life’ and was thought to offer protection from negative energies and ward off evil forces.

Or how about the Crab Apple Tree, or the ‘Tree of Love’, as it was known to the Ancient Celts?

Tree specialists have gone one step further by offering baby trees in a gorgeous gift pack, which also includes a personalised engraved pewter plaque and a wooden plinth for your plaque (FSC assured), with a ‘Welcome to the World’ baby greetings card. All delivered straight to your door, how fantastic is that!

But what if you like the idea of a celebration tree as a gift, but there is no room to plant it, well another idea could be to sponsor a sapling.

Woodland Friends runs a scheme where, for as little as £15, you can sponsor a new native tree, which will be planted on your behalf (or whoever you are buying it for) in their woodland. For your support you receive a certificate and become a member of Woodland Friends, receiving updates on the progress of the woodland and your tree.

For a further £20, you will also receive regular updates and photographs of your tree’s progress.

Local Authorities are also running similar schemes to green-up and enhance their urban environment. For example Bristol City Council offer three options, including the Bronze Leaf which, for £60, you can specify the neighbourhood where your tree is planted and receive a certificate, plan of the tree’s location and listing on their website.

To think that such a simple and inexpensive gift will not only give a lifetime of joy to the newborn as it grows and learns about the world, it will also provide food and shelter for wildlife, combat climate change and keep our world, clean and green.

Now a pair of Christian Louboutins may be a lot of things, but when it comes to a gift that keeps on giving, a celebration tree knocks them out of the park.

Have you ever given a celebration tree as a gift, or have you planted one to celebrate an event? What is your favourite tree, do you have a fond memories of a tree which was special to you in your childhood? I’d love to hear from you.

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