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The Philanthropic Housewife: Her Melness Speaks

The-Real-HeadMelness-Avatar-185-x-185Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting  Melinda Sealy Fargo, a very warm, thought-provoking  and entertaining author of the blog Her Melness Speaks.

I’d been following her blog for a while, so it was great to finally meet the woman behind the words and it gave us the opportunity to catch up on one of her latest developments, i.e. her decision to record certain blog posts as a resource for followers who are partially sighted or even blind.

As a blogger myself, this idea had never occurred to me before. I admit that I often find it a struggle just to keep up with the task of writing a blog post, so the idea of recording it too, certainly had me looking at Melinda in much awe.

She explained in more detail, “I try to record some of my posts so that those with challenged or no vision can enjoy the world of Blog-dom, a kingdom rich with material and voices, that is mainly confined to the screen or paper”.

“As my blog has also become a legacy to my children, where they can come and view their mother’s authentic self, the initiative now also serves to preserve my voice for the day when I am no longer here physically. It is an initiative that is dear to my heart and a collaboration which is being explored with The RNIB”.

Reading or even listening to the particular blog post that outlines her decision, provides extra provenance to her inspiration and commitment, describing the pauses in her life where she stopped to appreciate the people, the work and the senses that she holds dear.

It does seem such a great idea, that she may just have convinced me to join her with a selection of recordings from my own blog next year.

As Melinda has shown from her own example, just a small selection of blog posts is all that is needed and she has been liaising with other interested bloggers, who are also keen to join her in creating audio posts that bring extra life to the written word.

She promotes it as a very feasible notion indeed and is now planning to approach the RNIB with a range of ideas on how she would love to open up the blogger community to its members.

For anyone who might be interested in supporting her initiative, she has recently published an FAQ, which outlines more information about recording blog post.

So if you want to start exercising your vocal chords as well as your typing fingers, more information can be found at

Further Information:
Melinda is also available on Twitter – follow her @HerMelness.

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