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Stir up some beard envy this Beard Week

from here_to_beard_27_06_12While the moustache has Movember – a whole month dedicated in its honour, this week the humble beard gets a mention too, as it’s officially Beard Week 2012! With the number of celebs rocking the rough and rugged look on the rise (seen David Beckham, George Clooney or Justin Timberlake lately?), who wouldn’t want to try cultivating some facial cover?

Senior stylist and presenter Daffydd Rhys explains ‘It is a man’s duty to attempt to grow a beard at some point in his life. One might say, that to most young men it is the sign of becoming a man. To middle aged men it is a sign that he is in control of his appearance (and not the wife), or perhaps sometimes, a beard is born out of plain laziness.’

Whatever the reason for letting your hair (and razor) down, a scraggly beard is impressing no-one. Follow Daffydd’s tips for a face full of fantastic fuzz:

‘If you’ve made a decision to grow a beard, the most important thing is to be confident in your decision. It will take approximately four weeks for your beard to start to take shape. Please refrain from attempting to shape your beard before 4 weeks, even if you are only going for a goatee or handlebars as this may result in you shaving off a little too much.’

As with most hair, which always looks better after a trim, your beard will need a bit of grooming to bring out the best in it, but be sure to exercise restrain on the cheek area, says Daffydd.

‘Once you have grown your beard to a reasonable thickness and length, it is time to start shaping it. The best place to start is the neckline; using any good neck trimmer from the high-street, start shaping the neckline at your desired perimeter. Do not shape the beard at the cheekbones as this will create an unwanted almost cartoon-like effect. Most good beard trimmers will have a grade setting. This will be your best friend when trimming your beard. Start short at the beard line and work your way up to thicker/longer areas.’

So men – the challenge has been set. May the best beard win!

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