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Scrapbooking: getting started

scrapbook mum_daughter_13_03_12What better way to store memories and get crafty than scrapbooking? The act of scrapbooking is by no means a new pastime; with the collection of letters, poems and recipes in one book a commonplace activity in the 15th century! And it seems that the collection of precious memories is still very much alive and thriving today, so if you’re keen to start putting some pictures to paper, read on for our beginners’ guide…

What are you going to be scrapbooking? This should always be your starting point. The event, or memories in question will likely dictate the look and feel of your album. It could a present for a son or daughter on their 21st birthday, it could be a scrapbook of old holidays – but whatever it is, this will likely be dictated by the set of photographs you will be using.

Choosing your scrapbooking album is an important part of the process; this will be where you store all of your pages – and your memories – for a very long time. Choose one that, again, fits the occasion and you really like!

Next, it’s time to get compiling your cardstock and papers. These are the materials you will use to create backgrounds and layouts in your album: both coloured cards and patterned papers. Remember, as always, your choice should be led by your photographs either thematically or in terms of your colour palette. Creating a colour theme now can help give your album structure as you begin scrapbooking. And at this point it’s handy to create a layout template for your album too, so that your pages look consistent.

Adhesive, of course, will be the glue that – very literally – sticks your album together. Long-lasting adhesive is important, and you may need different types of glue for different materials, from glue dots to glue tape runners, there’s lots out there.

If you’re looking to add text to your album, then fade-proof pens are going to be a must. And a pair of scissors that are used for scrapbooking only will help ensure they stay nice and sharp for intricate cutting.

Now the pretty bit: embellishments. These are the 3D extras that you can add to your layouts to make them look nicer. Think buttons, flowers, stickers, ribbons – the list really is endless, but try not to go overboard, they should enhance the page, not detract from it.

And now all that’s left is to get started with your scrapbooking!

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