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Save Haiti and the planet at the same time

This year Haiti has sadly become a country at the forefront of media attention due to the devastating recent earthquake. Many thousands were killed and even more left homeless without even survival essentials.

In late 2009 the Timberland Earthkeeper website launched a new partnership with world reknowned musician Wyclef Jean to help raise money and awareness in Haiti for several projects. Obviously the need for help has dramatically increased so previously identified areas of support have been re-evaluated and the money raised is now being used in even more immediately impactful ways to try and provide urgent shelter and provisions for the survivors.

The Timberland Earthkeeper website encourages people to join with them and  support the Haiti cause whilst also celebrating ethical living. The Earthkeeper website is a one-stop eco living website that helps you connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, learn more about the company and their eco policies and give you opportunities to do your bit for the eco cause by linking up together at specially created events.

Their aim is to get a million people joined together through the Earthkeepers website and even a game on facebook, all of whom share the same goals and desire for unity in helping to create a more eco-conscious world.  Timberland understand that as a company of worldwide repute they have the ability and the desire to help bring about change.  It’s easy to condemn companies but when they do good we should applaud it and encourage it. Individually it can seem hard to make changes, but by coming together and creating an eco task force, our voices are stronger.

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