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The Life of Charlie

The shelf life of a television personality Charlie was once told is three years, but now she has upped it to five. What is refreshing about it all is that she really doesn't mind, what you see is what you get, no airs and graces, no bad moods, just an interest in everyone and everything and a great enjoyment of life. In many ways Charlie is a journalist's nightmare. She's straightforward and honest, doesn't ...

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Perfect Ponds and Plants

In almost any garden water adds a special dimension of pleasure. It certainly doesn't have to take the form of a complicated or elaborate fountain like the famous Italian gardens, just a simple pond will reflect the sky and its surroundings, and a water lily or two will bring great joy and add texture to your garden. A pond can be a large feature, almost a lake, a semi hidden feature within a border, surrou ...

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Fountain of Knowledge

I love fountains. There's nothing like moving water to bring the garden to life - and it's so relaxing to sit and watch, whether you've got just a simple jet of water, a cherub tinkling in your lily pond, or a miniature Versailles. You can put fountains in shady places where water plants and fish would not be happy, to add a real sparkle to dark corners. They team up perfectly with hostas and hardy ferns. P ...

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Living Space In The Garden

Are you a ground and wall gardener? That is, someone who easily spots design potential in those areas but fails to consider the possibilities offered by overhead structures. Arches, pergolas, tunnels, arbours and gazebos are all ways of literally raising the profile of your garden (and of giving you more growing space). If you have a suitable tree and would like to create a fun feature for the kids, you cou ...

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Antique Garden Furniture

Perhaps there were too many battles to be fought, or there were simply not enough suitable materials around to make garden furniture before the 18th century. Antiques expert, author and frequent TV guest, John Bly traces the roots of some of our earliest garden furniture. Apart from the startling order from the court of Charles II for some lightframe chairs with cane seats and backs for His Majesty's tents ...

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Rules of Landscape Gardening

Malcolm Scott explains the rules of garden design and offers some tips for even the most style conscious. What are the 'rules' of garden design? Garden design, though endlessly varied does have some basic 'rules'. Very simply one should start by following two main criteria. The first is to create space and define it, while the second concerns the characteristics of the plants.   All plants have prefere ...

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