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Mum on the Run: Go for it Sally!

sally gunnell_28_06_12Find out how Mum on the Run is coping juggling two children under five and working as deputy editor of at home, which to be honest, is a welcome break in her hectic week.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Olympic gold winner Sally Gunnell, when I interviewed her for Be Active with Sally Gunnell, on sale from July 11.

The first thing that struck me when I met her at a swanky hair salon in London was how petite she is, both in height and weight and that got me thinking how springy she must be to get over those massive hurdles at a very quick speed when she was in her heyday.

She was warm and friendly and even though she could be full of herself, seeing how many massive sporting achievement she has accomplished, she was far from it, just very focused, interesting and family orientated. She has said before that her boys are absolute priority (she has three) and even though she runs her own business, she always makes time to be with them, encouraging them to be active as possible.

That got me thinking about my own children, aged five (and three quarters, mummy!) and just two. Apparently children that age should be getting one hour of exercise every single day to be healthy. Luckily that doesn’t have to be done in one go, but when I thought about it, it does add up, but still not enough I’m sure.

We always walk to school, which is 10 minutes each way, they both go on the trampoline for at least 15 minutes every day and my eldest does ballet and swimming, while the little one has started a toddler movement class. We do go out for a walk most days when they are not in school or childcare, but actually it’s not that easy to fit it all in.

Yet another pressure for busy, working mums. And let’s not get me started on my own fitness regime!

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