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Lighting up the darkness: the power LED

sylvania led_blub_07_08_12Traditional light bulbs are becoming a thing of the past with bright, new options.

Many countries are phasing out traditional incandescent light bulbs to save energy. Although massively popular since they were invented by Thomas Edison back in 1878, incandescent lamps are not energy efficient; only 10% of energy used goes into creating light, the other 90% is wasted as heat.

Alternative lamp types are LEDs (light-emitting diodes), CFLs (compact fluorescents) and tungsten halogen; understanding the energy-efficient benefits of each is important when replacing incandescent lamps.


LED lamps are very energy efficient, long-lasting and versatile. They are available in various shapes, intensities and beam angles and their small dimensions and easy connectivity make them popular, where creativity combines with ease of use to dramatic effect. The main drawback with LEDs is the price – on first glance they seem expensive. Alongside that, there can be issues when retrofitting as replacement LED lamps can come in awkward sizes and may be too big for your lights.


If your budget doesn’t extend to investing in LEDs then halogen lamps are a great alternative. Halogen gives excellent colour rendering and a cool, crisp white light. This makes them an ideal source for decorative, accent and general lighting. They can operate on mains voltage (230V-240V) or low voltage (12V) supplies. Mains voltage halogen lamps operate without the need for a transformer, and can be dimmed, making them quick and easy to install, simple to operate – and offer up to 30% energy saving with some lamps. Low voltage halogen lamps operate on step-down transformers, to lower mains voltage to approximately 12V.

Superia EcoPlus

EcoPlus technology captures and reuses energy to make lamps more efficient than conventional alternatives. Superia EcoPlus lamps save money, are environmentally friendly, produce unbeatable quality of light and are 100% dimmable. It is very easy to switch from conventional sources, with no installation issues, allowing a reduction in both energy costs and carbon quickly, with low capital investment, just by changing the lamps.

About Havells-Sylvania

Havells-Sylvania is a leading, full-spectrum provider of professional and architectural lighting solutions. Built on over a century of expertise in lamps and luminaires, Havells-Sylvania supplies state-of-the art products to the public, commercial and private sectors, worldwide.

The power of LED
The 350lm ES50 LED has revolutionised light technology with dimmable lamps

The launch of the Sylvania Hi-Spot RefLED 350lm ES50 last year marked a major innovation in LED technology; it was the first LED retrofit to have the power to directly replace a 240v 50W halogen. The company has now developed this product further with the creation of a dimmable version of the lamp. Both the 350lm ES50 dimmable and non-dimmable LED lamps open up the benefits of LED lighting to all. They can be fitted into all GU10 and GZ10-type luminaires.

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