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How can dads help during pregnancy?

massage pregnant_wifes_feet_27_06_12There are many ways in which the father can help the mother during her pregnancy. Dad needs to be a psychological rock to mum… so that she knows that he is there for her every moment of everyday during her pregnancy. This article discusses the kind of things that he will (or may) have to do for her.

Dads during pregnancy… What support can they provide for mum?

Nausea is a problem for pregnant women. Dad needs to ensure that she has whatever she feels she needs to tackle her nausea. Eating is an effective way to treat nausea. So it is important encourage her to snack. However, if her eating habits become one-sided then try and encourage her to be more balanced concerning what she eats. It is a team-effort because of course, she will be (or become) very aware about what foods she is able to keep down and which foods she is unable to keep down.

It is very important for the mother to drink water during pregnancy. She should be drinking at least 8-ounce glasses per day. Of course this does not mean that the drink must be just water. For example milk and juice contain lots of water and therefore they count as part of the water in-take. Water consumption is important for both the babyís health (due to receiving nutrients) and for preventing complications/infections during the pregnancy period.

The dad can do many more things to support his partner. He can go with her to pre-natal visits where dad may even get told how he could help with the delivery of the baby! One of the more enjoyable aspects for dad is discussing plans for when the baby is born. Just thinking and talking about the baby room, baby clothes and so on, is great for both mum and dad. The dad can also watch videos or read books about becoming a father, and about the pre-natal development and birth of the baby. He will have to learn how to bathe and feed the baby, how to change nappies in general how to comfort and look after a baby in general. All of this is good for him, the baby, and (of course) for mum.

In conclusion there are many things that dads during pregnancy period can do for their partner… help that equates to both physical and mental support for her.

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