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First pictures of Naomi Watts as the late Princess Diana from Caught in Flight leaked.

naomi watts_05_07_12There was always going to be a cinematic depiction of the People’s Princess. And now that moment is here, with the first set shots of the late Diana’s biopic revealed.

With the autobiographical film of the late Princess Diana well and truly in motion, the paparazzi have been snooping around the set spying out the first pictures of actress Naomi Watts in her Diana get-up. And with an obviously remarkable make-up team at the helm of the transformation, the 43-year-old Watts looks like she’s fully embracing her make-over.

Complete with the dusty blonde coiffured hair and Diana’s signature eyeliner Watts would cause more than a double glance if walking down the street. Pictures of Watts also seem to capture the late Diana’s slightly awkward body language and famous, yet awkward, sideways glances.

Admitting she was ‘absolutely terrified’ of taking on the role, Naomi Watts stepped up to the challenge when The Help star Jessica Chastain pulled out of the starring role last year. The British-born, Australian actress also shared worries about not looking enough like the late Royal.

‘Look, I’m a great admirer of Princess Diana but I look in the mirror and can’t see I have any resemblance,’ Watts revealed earlier this year. ‘It worries me, but the film makers seem to see something. I never met Princess Diana though I would have liked to.’

Caught in Flight, meanwhile, will chart Princess Diana’s life in her final years as a Royal, including her secret romance with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. The film will, of course, end with her shocking, fatal car crash in Paris, 1997, with Dodi Al Fayed also in the vehicle.

With the film’s director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, affirming Watts as ‘a truly exceptional actress’, he goes on to tell us to expect a performance that embodies ‘the warmth, humanity and empathy of such a global icon as Princess Diana.’

With Watts additionally noted the People’s Princess as ‘a part of our history, an incredible woman and fascinating, but with a tragic ending,’ we can but expect one emotional rollercoaster of a film. 

Picture credit: Francois Mori/PA Images

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