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Clean your act up

coffee cup_spill_19_09_12We’ve all had to deal with the nightmare of removing tough stains from around the home at some point or other; whether there’s chewing gum trodden into the carpet or the kids have re-designed your wallpaper with crayon, getting rid of tough stains is something everyone dreads!

Thankfully, Mykal Industries is able to help save the day with their ultra-reliable® Universal Stain Remover and Pre Wash product. This one stop stain remover tackles a whole host of stains including coffee, fruit juices, grease, make-up, ink, crayon, lipsticks, tanning oils and blood. The product contains no harmful solvents, bleach or abrasives making it safe for both the user and the environment.

The® portfolio consists of a whole range of household cleaning solutions to tackle all those everyday chores from simple everyday surface and floor cleaning to more complex and infrequent tasks such as: UPVC reviving and sealant removal. These high quality specialist products have been hitting the shelves of major retailers for the past few years now and are available in aerosols, gels, liquids and wipes.

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Available from leading supermarkets, DIY, Hardware Stores and Independents. Check stockists at or call 01933 402822 for further information.

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