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Burger based beauty

burger king_eyeshadow_23_05_12Were Burger King creatives clutching at straws when compiling the company’s latest campaign? Or were they simply trying to reach a new cosmetically-minded target audience?

Whatever the method behind the marketing, it does seem a little removed from other fast-food advertising schemes. KFC have favoured blasting northern soul, while showing happy people prancing around and chowing down on a family-sized chicken bucket, while McDonald’s has lent on the backbone of Ronald McDonald, the cheery children’s figure, for years.

The Netherlands branch of Burger King have gone against the grain with campaign posters showcasing hamburgers painted on eyelids. While this conjures up a fairly greasy image of cosmetics, the closed eye is, in fact, beautifully painted in colourful hues. With the lid as a sesame seed bun, coated green lashes as lettuce, and yellow and red flashes beneath the eye to represent cheese and a splash of ketchup, the make-up team have really gone to town on the authenticity. 

Though this burger-licious make-up certainly catches your eye (oh the irony) it’s difficult to know who the advertising is directed at. Girls looking for a more feminine food experience, with make-up replacing plastic figurines as the free Happy Meal gifts, will be disappointed. As will the hoards of men immediately assuming the ‘made-up’ eyelids indicate a swarm of glamorous women taking over as BK’s new employees.

Whatever the case, at least the company have caused a stir among other fast-food establishments. What’s next? We wonder. Ronald McDonald’s new lippy range or a tint of blusher imitating the rosy cheeks of KFC workers as they fry chicken?

We’ll just take a burger to go, thanks.

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