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Becky Yardley: Using brights in the kitchen

coloured-plates-12-3-12Becky is a blogger with a love of design, colour and pattern. This week, in her first column for at home, she talks about how to transform the hub of your home using bright colours.

Using bold colours in your kitchen can really brighten up your house, think of the citrusy tones of a fruit bowl, zesty oranges, luscious limes and sparkling lemons to lift your mood and give you a burst of freshness in the morning.
Sharp bright colours are fun, bold and refreshing, using in the kitchen will create a positive atmosphere and might even encourage a reluctant cook! The Psychology of colour has been well documented, we associate yellow with sunshine and energy so naturally we feel energised by it, similarly, green is a restful, natural colour that is pleasant to the eye and promotes vitality.

Orange is associated with eating and is even thought to help digestion and stimulate hunger; it’s often used in the food industry to help sell food. Many manufacturers have produced accessory items like cutlery, utensils, dishes and bowls to tap into this subconscious feeling and using small accessory items like this will tie the room together.
Even larger appliances come in a range of rainbow colours, colour your kitchen with a statement piece perhaps a yellow dishwasher, orange cooker or lime green fridge then work smaller details around this. A matching tile splash back or feature wall will complete the look.

When using bright colours it is important to remember that less is more and a few hint and splashes of colour can really go a long way to creating an overall style. You can balance the room with a bright white on walls and worktops to keep the whole kitchen clean and uncluttered.

Thanks to the rise in popularity of interior and lifestyle blogs, the opportunity to find images of homes bursting with personality is limitless and an amazing resource when redesigning your own kitchen. For inspiration of how to use bright colours, check out blogs like Bright Bazaar that specialises in bright, colourful interiors and sites like Pinterest to find collections of images using a key colour.

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Becky Yardley: I’m a blogger with a love of design, colour and pattern. The column is all about interior trends, tips on decorating and the latest products for the home. It will show you how to make the most from your living spaces and create your ideal environment. Read more from Becky on her blog
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