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Are women the smarter sex?

lightbulb overhead_woman_19_09_12According to a recent study, women are dominating their male rivals in the IQ stakes for the first time in documented history. The reason why? Apparently it’s our ability to embrace modern living.

The man behind the study, psychologist and author, James Flynn, found that over the past 100 years, the IQ scores of both men and women have increased but recently in some countries, women’s brainpower has begun to overtake the men’s.

In order to compare gender IQ, the Ravens Progressive Matrices IQ Test was used on 500 men and women in five countries (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Estonia and Argentina), spanning thirty years. As this test measures fluid intelligence and is a multiple choice test, there is no unfair advantage, testing on-the-spot problem-solving skills. And it was the ladies who came out tops.

‘IQ gains over time have nothing to do with genes,’ says Flynn. ‘It is about how we adapt to the modern world, which therefore means modern societies have higher IQ test scores than the developing world.’

‘I found that in these developed countries where women have an equal chance at a good education and job professions and where the two sexes were equal, then women’s IQ scores were now on the same level or better than men’s.’

Not just a pretty face, eh?

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