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How to plan the cost of your self-build project

When undertaking a self-build project, cost is likely to be a prime consideration, and strong financial planning key to a successful project. The cost will depend on the cost of land, size of your build, the time required to complete the build, the quality of materials selected and any professional services used e.g. architects, solicitors or project managers. Land: Before you can start your build, you’ll b ...

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Do It Yourself on National Home Security May Day

The May bank holidays are the perfect time to think about home DIY projects and according to Zurich Insurance 45% of homeowners spent last spring bank holiday doing just that! So, whether you’re thinking about painting the hall, re-tiling the bathroom, or building a conservatory to create your ‘dream home’, it’s important to think about protecting your property too. Generally, burglaries increase during the ...

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How often should you change your pillows?

We each spend roughly a third of our life asleep, which surely means we should look after the apparatus we use to rest our weary heads… Right? Well, apparently not! On average, we are keeping our pillows two years longer than is recommended, which can lead to all sorts of unwelcome problems such as dust mite infestations and mould. And that’s not to mention the strain a flattened or lumpy pillow places on t ...

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Allow time to design your landscape garden

Once you have chosen and engaged a landscape designer, ensure you have allowed adequate time to go through the landscape design process; you may recall how much time you spent going through the house design. The Chelsea flower show gardens were designed a year in advanced with constant refining right up to the last minute - time and detail is vital! A professional landscape designer will be able to produce ...

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How to become a DIY designer

Revamping your home does not need to be a stressful and unwelcome expense. We have explored the fun trend of DIY designing and offered some great ideas for you to try out this bank holiday weekend. ...

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Four garden themes to try in 2015

With the Bank Holiday weekend only a few days away and the summer creeping up, it is the perfect time to give your garden some much needed love. We explore four garden trends for 2015.  ...

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How to choose the right windows for your home

Five important things to consider when buying new windows and doors. Long Term Investment Your windows and doors should last for many years, and will, if they are high quality and maintained properly. They can add value to your home, save on fuel bills, reduce condensation, lower noise and reduce the time you have to spend on maintenance. Wood windows can last a lifetime. Rationel Windows are members of the ...

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Top three home trends for spring

Quickly revamp your rooms and stay in style with this easy guide. From beautiful bugs to cheeky comic book art, find out why these latest trends are certain to perk up your home.
 1) Bugs and Beasts Inspired by the natural world, Bugs and Beasts is a trend that continues to excite. Four legged, feathered, mighty and miniscule, all kinds of creatures have crept, crawled or fluttered on to wallpapers, fabrics ...

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Why you should consider using a landscape designer

Whether you're building a new home or renovating, don’t forget to consider and plan for the external works in conjunction with the house build. Appointing a landscape designer prior to the build will be beneficial in maximising your budget due to the holistic and systematic approach taken. All projects are different but soil levels will always be crucial to any build. Earth (spoil) is created when excavatin ...

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