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Top Tips for Exercising at Your Desk

top-tips-for-exercising-at-your-deskWith the information and paperless age people find that ´they do a great deal of sitting around. In fact, the average person will spend 2652 hours every year just sitting down, which is worrying as many medical conditions are linked with sitting for too long. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of top tips for exercising at your desk which are inconspicuous so you will not be sweating and making funny noises each time you try them out.

1. Stretching

Start with doing small stretches to loosen up, this also releases dopamine and serotonin (the feel good brain chemicals) and will help prevent injury. Try a mixture of different stretches; starting at the top on working down i.e. stretching your neck by moving your head left and right slowly and resting your chin close to your shoulders, then stretch your arms by opening them wide and rotating them around – this is particularly good if you’re working with computers (which the majority are) and have to sit in a cramped position and have the arms lying unnaturally. You could then move on to the abdomen and whilst remaining seated upright with a straight back, clench and un-clench your abdomen. After this could be a good time to do some leg work; lean on the balls of your whilst sitting and point your feet up and down until tired, you can then raise up your feet and roll the ankles too

2. Toning your read

Another way to fit in exercising at your desk is by squeezing your buttocks together and holding for a few seconds. Repeat this often and you will notice the toning. As well as this, when in the privacy of your own home try regular squats too, doing both with help massively.

3. Office crunches

Whilst in an office chair, position yourself at the end of the chair and bring up both legs (holding them straight) to make a right angle with your torso and legs. Then return to a normal position slowly. If this exercise is too difficult, then you can do an easier variant by only lifting one leg at a time and then switching after each raise. The effectiveness is also increased if, when you raise, you stay in the position for a couple second before lowering.

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2652 hours every year (source)

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